5G Reality Check: Are users truly happy with the internet quality?

5G Reality Check: Are users truly happy with the internet quality?

5G came with a roar and swallowed the market like a whale. Most Indian states have high-speed internet facilities like 3G and 4G, but the humongous task doesn’t stop there. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) still need to make 5G available to remote areas of India. 


Today with the power of Poll Results, we are uncovering the consumer feedback related to the internet quality in India. So sit back and relax, because we have got the amazing stuff filtered for you!


Poll Results on 5G Quality in India

With the aid of PollPe’s opinion poll results, we have been able to decode how many users are satisfied with the internet quality. These polls also shed light on the consumer behaviour of Gen Z, primarily internet usage. 


  1. Jio is the most popular ISP (Internet Service Provider) among Indian youngsters, with 49% of the respondents primarily using it for daily tasks.

  2. Airtel and Idea are also widely used, with 21% and 11% of the votes respectively. VI lags, with only 10% of the votes. 


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  1. A majority of respondents (60%) believe they get adequate internet coverage in their area.

  2. Nearly half of the respondents have access to a 5G device for internet usage. 29% do not have such access, indicating a digital divide.

  3. The majority (54%) first experienced web browsing at a very young age, with 5% of respondents starting at the age of 5.

  4. 47% of respondents are satisfied with the quality of service provided by their ISP.

  5. However, a considerable number are not satisfied, and a significant portion (15%) are uncertain about their satisfaction level.

  6. A substantial number of respondents live in remote areas with unstable network coverage.


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These results by PollPe give us a fair idea of the 5G internet quality in India, and the satisfaction of customers is fairly highlighted as well. Do you believe the ISP companies could make the internet better for Indian users? Tell us in the comments:  


Approximately 47% of respondents expressed their satisfaction with the current 5G internet quality provided by ISPs. Jio remains the top choice for buyers for affordable and fast internet across the country. It can be stated that the majority is highly satisfied with the company and look forward to continuing using their services in the future. 


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