Trending Fashion Picks for Ultimate Sport & Style in 2024

Trending Fashion Picks for Ultimate Sport & Style in 2024

We as youngsters can never miss out on good fashion! But the market could be more cluttered with new and well-established brands alike. Amidst this bustle of fashion, how to pick the best clothes to put on? 

With the help of opinion polls, we are going to solve this problem today. Imagine putting all your favourite brands in a boxing ring and finding out which one doesn’t get knocked out. So stay tuned, because by the end of this blog, we will reveal the best brand to buy sneakers and clothes for you! 

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Best Sneakers Brand 2024: Poll Insights | PollPe

On the mobile app PollPe, thousands of users answer quick and interactive polls daily. These results are analysed to understand consumers’ pain points and genuine feedback. Through these polls, we have identified some iconic results like 


  1. Adidas emerges as the most trusted brand, with approximately 40.92% of the votes. Nike follows with approximately 28.29% of the votes, indicating a significant level of trust among respondents.

  2. Puma and Under Armour trail behind with approximately 12.25% and 16.32% of the votes, respectively.

  3. The majority of respondents trust Adidas to make them look effortlessly athletic, highlighting the brand's strong reputation and perceived quality among Indian youngsters. 


Preferred Athleisure Color Scheme:

  1. Black overwhelmingly dominates as the preferred colour scheme, with approximately 56.03% of the votes. Gray and Neon follow, with approximately 17.06% and 15.05% of the votes, respectively.

  2. Pastels and Camo are less favoured, receiving approximately 6.35% and 4.03% of the votes, respectively.

  3. The preference for black suggests a strong inclination towards versatility, sophistication, and timelessness in athleisure wear among Indian youngsters.


With these poll results, it becomes crystal clear that the Indian youth favours Adidas, Nike and Puma for their sneaker needs. That too in some vibrant hues such as white, neon and black. These colours are evergreen and never go out of trend due to their classy appeal. 

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Best Formal Wear Brand 2024: Poll Insights | PollPe

Formals have become an inseparable part of everyday fashion. Be it your college farewell party or that hustle-filled corporate job, formalities are a must for the youth. These poll results by PollPe highlight the best fashion brands according to Gen Z. 


  1. Indian terrain was the clear winner in the formal wear category, capturing 25.63% of the votes, making it the preferred choice for formal attire among the surveyed youngsters.

  2. Louis Phillipe and Peter England followed closely behind, receiving 20.01% and 22.26% of the votes, respectively.

  3. Pantaloons and Blackberry garnered 6.70% and 5.39% votes, respectively, indicating a lesser preference for these brands in formal wear.


These results highlight that Indian Terrain and Louis Phillipe have been unbeatable amongst youngsters! Closing these results, we are now focusing on the casual clothing choices of youngsters. 


Best Casual Clothing Brands 2024: Poll Insights | PollPe

With the power of interactive polls, PollPe uncovered what Gen Z really wants to wear to flaunt their fashion style off the formal setting. 


  1. Diesel was the top choice for gifting among the respondents, securing 22.18% of the votes.

  2. Levi's and Zudio were also popular choices amongst the poll respondents, flaunting the affordable prices and catchy apparel. 

  3. Max Fashion and other brands got a lower preference compared to the top three choices.

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Denim Wear Brand Preferences:

  1. The poll highlights Moda Rapido as the preferred denim wear brand, reflecting a trend towards casual and trendy fashion among young Indians.

  2. Louis Phillipe's dominance in the formal wear category suggests a preference for sophistication and elegance in formal attire.

  3. Diesel emerges as a favoured brand not only for personal use but also for gifting, indicating its popularity and appeal among the surveyed demographic.


Despite the fashion industry being cluttered with hundreds of brands, we have uncovered the brands that are loved the most by the youth. In fact, it is no coincidence that these brands are well-reputed and deeply understand the wants of every customer, designing their products accordingly. 


Wrapping it up!

The fashion industry keeps on diversifying itself. To understand how people react to it, we use interactive polls and seek their true feedback on diverse topics. That’s how we uncovered the best fashion brands and the best sportswear brand today. 

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