15 Free Market Research Tools in 2024

15 Free Market Research Tools in 2024

Understanding your target market has always been challenging. There was a time when market research was a time-consuming process that took several months to complete. 


Fortunately, automation has made life simpler for every researcher. In this century, market research has hiked to a new level of automation that can analyse gigantic data in a few clicks.


We have compiled a list of 15 free market research tools that anyone can use to understand their target audience and make strategic modifications to their business plan. To be more precise and save you time, we have added each tool’s USP, special features and a one-liner that describes them best. Most of these tools include a free and premium version that is totally optional. 

Let’s get started with the list: 


  1. Google Trends


Working: Tracks search interest over time for specific topics by analyzing Google search data.

USP: Provides real-time data and insights into search trends worldwide.

Additional Functionalities: Allows comparison of multiple search terms, regional data filtering, and trend forecasts.

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  1. SurveyMonkey

Working: Allows users to create surveys and collect responses from respondents.

USP: Offers a user-friendly interface with customizable survey templates and powerful analytics tools.

Additional Functionalities: Basic reporting and data analysis, question branching, and integration with other platforms.


  1. Google Forms

Working: Enables users to create custom surveys and forms using a variety of question types.

USP: Integration with Google Drive for easy data storage and collaboration.

Additional Functionalities: Real-time response tracking, customizable themes, and integration with Google Sheets for data analysis.


  1. Social Mention

Working: Monitors mentions of specific keywords or brands across social media platforms, blogs, and more.

USP: Provides real-time social media search and analysis without the need for a paid subscription.

Additional Functionalities: Sentiment analysis, top users and hashtags, and exportable data.


  1. Facebook Audience Insights

Working: Provides demographic and behavioural data about Facebook users to help businesses understand their target audience.

USP: Detailed insights into user demographics, interests, and online behaviours.

Additional Functionalities: Audience segmentation, comparison tools, and integration with Facebook Ads Manager.

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  1. Twitter Advanced Search

Working: Allows users to perform advanced searches on Twitter to find specific tweets, accounts, or topics.

USP: Fine-grained search filters to narrow down results by date, location, language, and more.

Additional Functionalities: Saved searches, search history, and tweet engagement metrics.


  1. AnswerThePublic

Working: Generates visualizations of search query data to show what questions people are asking related to specific keywords.

USP: Provides insights into user intent and content ideas based on actual search queries.

Additional Functionalities: Exportable data, comparison of search trends, and visualization customization.


  1. Google Consumer Surveys

Working: Enables businesses to create and conduct online surveys to gather consumer insights.

USP: Access to a large pool of respondents for quick and reliable survey data.

Additional Functionalities: Survey customization, demographic targeting, and data analysis tools.


  1. Ubersuggest

Working: Analyzes keyword trends and search volume to help businesses optimize their content and SEO strategy.

USP: Provides comprehensive keyword data, including search volume, competition, and keyword suggestions.

Additional Functionalities: Domain analysis, content ideas, and backlink analysis.


  1. BuzzSumo

Working: Identifies popular content in a given industry or topic by analyzing social media engagement.

USP: Helps businesses discover trending topics and understand what content resonates with their target audience.

Additional Functionalities: Competitor analysis, content performance tracking, and influencer identification.

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  1. Hotjar

Working: Provides insights into user behaviour on websites through features like heatmaps, session recordings, and surveys.

USP: Offers visualizations of user interactions to identify areas for improvement and optimize website usability.

Additional Functionalities: Feedback polls, form analytics, and customizable reporting.


  1. Google Analytics

Working: Tracks website traffic and user interactions to provide insights into audience behaviour and website performance.

USP: Comprehensive analytics platform with advanced features for measuring and analyzing website data.

Additional Functionalities: Conversion tracking, audience segmentation, e-commerce tracking, and custom reporting.


  1. HubSpot CRM

Working: Helps businesses manage customer relationships by organizing contacts, tracking interactions, and automating tasks.

USP: User-friendly interface with robust features for sales, marketing, and customer service.

Additional Functionalities: Email tracking, pipeline management, lead scoring, and integration with other HubSpot tools.


  1. Keyword Planner (Google Ads)

Working: Provides keyword research data to help businesses identify relevant keywords for their advertising campaigns.

USP: Access to Google's search data for accurate keyword volume and competition estimates.

Additional Functionalities: Keyword suggestions, historical metrics, and keyword grouping.


  1. SimilarWeb

Working: Analyzes website traffic and audience demographics to provide insights into competitor performance and industry trends.

USP: Offers competitive intelligence and benchmarking tools for comparing website metrics.

Additional Functionalities: Traffic sources analysis, audience interests, and website ranking comparisons.


Final word

We know that you value your business and you aspire to skyrocket your sales. But without automated market research that deed would always remain undone. So you must equip some of these tools and understand what is the secret sauce that your brand needs. 


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