Top 5 Smart Speakers (2023) that are everyone's favourite | Survey by PollPe

Top 5 Smart Speakers (2023) that are everyone's favourite | Survey by PollPe

Top 5 Smart Speakers (2023) that are everyone's favourite | Survey by PollPe 


Table of Contents


  • What is PollPe Research? 

  • Top 5 Smart Speakers of 2023

  • Google Mini

  • Apple Homepod

  • Amazon Echo Dot

  • MI Smart Speaker 

  • MarQ by Flipkart 

  • Which age group uses smart speakers most actively? 

  • Final Word


Entertainment climbs sky-high when we use smart speakers alongside our favourite music & movies! There are many options when we decide to buy smart speakers for home, however, we are here today to help you out with that. At PollPe, we conducted research that tells us about the top 5 smart speakers that have emerged as people's favourites. 


You'll be amazed to look at the depth of this PollPe research, and how precisely it tells us about the customers who have purchased and enjoyed using these products! 


What is PollPe research? 


PollPe is a platform for users to answer engaging polls & surveys. They give their opinions about trendy topics and their day-to-day choices. In return for answering Polls, they are rewarded with Wallet Cash, Amazon gift cards, Bitcoins & a lot of other rewards that are utterly amazing! 


With collective data on users' preferences, we understand their choices. Thus, our demographics create a precise smart speaker comparison. 


PollPe research is an in-depth analysis of the users, which is obtained for the betterment of market research. Businesses often rely upon these demographics by PollPe to modify their marketing strategies. 

The top 5 smart speakers! 


More than 14,000 customers participated in this Poll and told us about their favourite smart speaker. Some renowned brands surfaced the results at the end like MI smart speaker, Apple Homepod & Amazon Echo. Let's know the ranking of the top 5 smart speakers in the market! 


 5. MarQ by Flipkart Smart Home Speaker 


The bass and the voice quality of these speakers are supreme! This product received 10% of the total votes and got the fifth position on our list. It is affordable and easy to carry along on your tours. It can be easily stuffed in a corner of your backpack or even your pockets! 


 4. MI Smart Speaker 


This is a budget-range smart speaker introduced to the market by Xiaomi. According to the PollPe research, the customers loved it more than MarQ, and it got 15.7% of the total votes. This counts up to 2217 customers opting for the MI smart Speaker over every other brand. 


3. Amazon Echo 


Well advertised and delivered, Amazon Echo has started dominating the market with its superb features and economical cost! 2344 customers voted for Amazon Echo as their favourite smart speaker. This accounts for 16.6% of the total votes. 


2. Apple Homepod 


The products by Apple have gained popularity due to their high-quality performance & longer sustainability. Apple Homepod is a higher ranger product, yet 21.4% of the customers have voted for it! This signified that the customers do not always care about the prices of the smart speakers, rather the quality matters in the same aspect. 


1 . Google Mini 


Here comes the jack of all trades! Google Mini is certainly people's favourite and is a top choice for customers. A unique design and superb compatibility and its foremost attractive features. We found in the PollPe research, that 28.7% ( 4063 ) of users voted for smart speakers Google as their favourite of all other brands. 


There were many voters who also selected " Others " as their favorite brands. Around 8% of users still believe that there are better brands than all of these out there. 


Which age group uses smart speakers most actively? 


Businesses need to target a specific group of people to sell the most units of their products. This market research by PollPe helps us to understand which age group uses smart speakers on a regular basis. 


After analyzing the results, we discovered that people aged 15-24 years actively use smart speakers. Out of the 14 thousand voters, 4569 fall under this age group. It was also evident through the research that a great majority of these users were students, pursuing a college degree. 


Final Word 


The competition amongst the brands is growing at a mad rate! Market research, therefore, is a crucial part of every business, because it gives an upper hand to know the target audience better. At PollPe, countless businesses conduct polls & surveys to know the preferences of their audiences. With this easy & quick method, they understand all the specifics to leverage their marketing strategies!