Top 5 Energy Drinks in the Markets | Opinion Poll Results

Top 5 Energy Drinks in the Markets | Opinion Poll Results

Top 5 Energy Drinks in the Markets | Opinion Poll Results


Beverages are a trendy part of today's world. Amongst the diverse choices, we at PollPe aimed to understand the trend of energy drinks! There has been some gruelling competition amongst the brands, and it was super fun to know the best energy drinks that people love. 


But how did we discover the top 5? 


It was simple and fun! We organized dedicated Polls on the official PollPe app, where more than 14,600 users voted for their favourite energy drink! Let's get to know which energy drink is best. 


5. Gatorade 


This popular energy drink climbed to the top 5 of our list, beating many other brands. Gatorade received 5.6% of the total votes, which may look like a really low count, but hang on because the beast of all brands is still in the race! 


4. O'cean One8 


One8 has been in the market for many years now. Its flavours and long-lasting effects have made millions of loyal customers. At PollPe's research, we discovered that One8 received 7% of the total votes, which counts up to more than 1,000 people! 


3. Monster 


Talking about one of the oldest energy drinks in the world, Monster has quite a reputation. However, it seems that due to the emergence of newer brands, Monster has lost many customers over the years. Though it has made it to the top 3 on PollPe's research, it is a shocking fact that only 12% of consumers voted for Monster. 


2. Red Bull Sugar-Free 


Now here comes the best energy drink for workouts that has turned the tables completely! 20.6% of the users opted for this as their favourite energy drink, and the most amazing part was that this number exceeded the combined votes for Monster & One8. 



1. Red Bull 


Here comes the king of all energy drinks! According to PollPe's research, Red Bull has emerged as people's favourite, because 45.1% of the consumers have voted for this beverage. RedBull has not only proved to be the best energy drink in the world but also, has become a trustworthy brand for consumers. 


The consumers who voted for their favourite brand 


Our study has evaluated that out of the 14.5k voters, the most common age group is 22 years old. Individuals from 18-25 years have shown maximum participation in this research by PollPe. 


Some cities served as major hotspots where users actively participated in our Polls, for example, Lucknow, Bangalore, Delhi, Ahmedabad & Kolkata were the destinations of the most active consumers of these Energy Drinks! 


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