The most popular roaster on YouTube India according to a PollPe survey!

The most popular roaster on YouTube India according to a PollPe survey!

Their YouTube videos have compelled us to laugh our hearts out! Many YouTubers in India have become popular roasters all across the world. Their humor, sarcasm & unique content has left us clutching our stomachs with laughter. 

But have you ever wondered, who is the best roaster in India? Yes, we certainly have our favorites, but it is important to evaluate which roaster on YouTube India is a favorite of most people! 

At PollPe, we conducted a fun survey for more than 13,000 YouTube India fans. Let's get to know what our research says! 

Best Roasters on YouTube India 

This research was conducted through polls on the official PollPe app, where fans could vote for their favorite roaster in India. At the end of the survey, we got the top 6 YouTubers who have been everybody's favorite. 

It was most exciting to see that many popular vloggers had made it to the list. They were Triggered Insaanslayy point, Shubh Skeleton, Lakshay Chaudhary, Dhiru Monchik & Carryminati. 

According to the research, Lakshay Chaudhary received 10% of the total votes from fans. On the other hand, Dhiru Monchik & Shubh Skeleton received 7% each out of the entire votes. 

Triggered Insaan & Slayy Point stepped ahead of the previous two. Amongst the entire votes, they got 9% each. But the whole competition was turned to the other side when the last competitor entered the race. 

Ajey Nagar a.k.a. Carryminati 

Carryminati has climbed to the top of this PollPe research! He is indeed the most popular roaster on YouTube India. Ajey Nagar received 43% votes and emerged as the people's favorite. 

His channel has a massive subscriber base of 36 million, and he is also one of the most successful YouTubers in India

Interesting Facts about Ajey's Fans! 

  1. According to the PollPe survey, most of the people who voted for Carryminati are between the ages of 14-18 years. 

  2. More than 70% of these voters are school / college students. 

  3. Approximately 95% of these votes have been dropped by male fans of Carryminati. Only 5% females voted for him as their favorite Roaster. 

  4. Maharashtra and Delhi are the major areas of residence of most of the fans. 


All of these demographics were possible to get on due to the superb AI powered technology at PollPe. The stunning methodology is to collect, refine and categorize the data for in-depth research of the market. 

How was this result analyzed? 

More than 13,000 people energetically voted for their favorite YouTubers. This Poll was conducted on the PollPe application, where users can answer easy Polls & Surveys to earn cash rewards. 

The best part is that PollPe is a complete market research solution for businesses around the world. This research also includes the basic demographics of all fans, like their age, gender, location & employment status. These factors help us to better understand what is the ideal preference of the youth, and it also answers many other research queries at hand. 

Final Word 

YouTube has been a top hangout spot for youngsters, and undoubtedly, Carryminati has emerged as the best roaster on Youtube India. With the help of fun polls on the PollPe application, we could conduct this exciting research and crown the king of all! 


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