Top 6 Most Loved mobile games of all time according to a PollPe survey!

Top 6 Most Loved mobile games of all time according to a PollPe survey!

The trend of mobile games has reached the sky's limit! As the world evolves in the direction of digitalization, every age group is flocking toward the mobile gaming trend. The introduction of smartphones was a turning point in this industry because it gave rise to new games & a wider audience. 

However, many people wonder which ones are the best mobile games of all timeAt PollPe, we conducted deep research to identify the best mobile games, and present before you some shocking results! 

Research by PollPe 

To understand how the audience is reacting to a particular topic or product, we conduct in-depth research at PollPe. This plays a vital role in identifying the trends & preferences of customers. PollPe demographics also help countless businesses to modify their marketing strategies with the help of these analytics. 

With more than 1 Million users on the official PollPe app, we conduct daily polls & surveys! Our platform is trusted & appreciated because we reward the users with instant wallet cash & gift cards every day. Now let's have a look at the top 6 mobile games of all time, and you can see if your favorite has ended up on our list! 

6. Asphalt 9: Legends 

Asphalt has been around the corner for almost a decade now. It made awesome gaming softwares even before the audience preferred to buy smartphones. During 2010-14, it was also deemed one of the best mobile games in India

Although, this racing game has experienced a major drop in the number of users in a while. In our research, Asphalt 9: Legends gathered 7% votes and ended up at position 6. 

5. Among Us

The concept of Among Us was unique and it excited many YouTubers as well. When PUBG was facing repulsion from the Indian Government, Among Us began surfacing the internet and received billions of downloads throughout the world. 

Among Us was easy to play on smartphones, and thus it was listed under best mobile games androidBut after a certain hype, the game began losing its audience because the concept became boring over time. This game got 7.5% of the total votes in the PollPe survey. 

4. Apex Legends Mobile 

If we talk about the best battle royale games, then we can't miss out on this one! Apex Legends served as a strong competition to Fortnight, FreeFire, Call of Duty & BGMI. Its animated graphics intrigued a lot of users, and they flocked from other apps to this one for that particular reason. 

At the PollPe research, Apex Legends got 9.7% votes and secured the fourth position. Despite all its positive aspects, our research indicates that some factors of this game are still tedious for the users. 

3. Pokemon Go 

With 10.4% votes, Pokemon Go has entered the top 3 club of this research! This game was introduced as a result of hype for the anime, Pokemon. We all watched and loved that show as kids, and now the creators decided to take it a step forward and give us a real-life Pokemon-catching experience. 

This game also experienced a short-term ban in India and disappeared from the app stores for a few months. However, it returned in full flow in 2021, and has gathered more than 100 million downloads on Google PlayStore! 

2. Call of Duty: Mobile

We accurately remember Call of Duty as a major PC and PS game back in our childhoods. But as technology advanced, the game made its way to our phones in 2020. And today, most gamers would be satisfied to see that Call of Duty has reached the top 2 club of the PollPe research. 

This battle royale game got 10.5% votes from the users. It is shocking to see that it has received only 0.1% more votes than Pokemon Go. And this difference could have created a lasting impact on their final positions. 

1 . BGMI

The best of the best, and everybody's favorite! BGMI has been ruling the genre of the mobile game for 5 years. Coming on top was a full-fledged win for BGMI because this game secured 42.1% of the total votes. This is more than the combined vote count of Call of Duty, Pokemon Go & Apex Legends. Thus, it is one of the best mobile games in 2022

BGMI was previously known as PUBG. But after it faced a ban in India, the company broke ties with its Chinese developers & onboarded Krafton as their new partner. When the game returned to the Indian market in 2021, the audience showed their massive support and brought it back to the first position! 

Astonishing facts about gamers 

The official PollPe app has thousands of gamers who love to spend time on our application. Through this survey, we were able to identify some super-interesting facts about the gamers in India! 

  1. Youth aged between 18-22 years is the most active class of gamers. 

  2. More than 70% of these users are either unemployed or belong to the students category. 

  3. The highest votes gathered in this PollPe survey were from Delhi, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Chennai, Jaipur & Kolkata. 

  4. The annual income of 60% of these voters is below 1,00,000. 

To conclude it all…

BGMI has emerged as the best mobile game of all time according to the in-depth PollPe survey. Despite the strong competition from similar games like Fortnight, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, etc, it remained undisputedly on top. 

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