Here is the laptop brand that has gained the most popularity amongst youngsters!

Here is the laptop brand that has gained the most popularity amongst youngsters!

Technology never fails to amaze us. It always bounces back with brilliant modifications that make our work easier. At PollPe, we conducted a poll to identify the best laptops that are gaining massive popularity. This Poll was answered by almost 15 thousand users of the official PollPe app. And that's how we discovered some amazing facts about this trend! 

What are ' PollPe Demographics '? 

PollPe conducts trending Polls & surveys to identify the preferences of the general audience. When these researches are filtered through the basic information of users, we get to understand the drawbacks of existing business modules. 

PollPe Demographics helps to rectify these drawbacks for businesses so that they can work on their betterment and meet the expectations of their customers. In this research, we were able to identify some of the best laptop brands that have become people's favorite. Let's get to know them better!

Top 6 laptop brands in 2022 

6. MSI 

For those looking forward to a sustainable Gaming Laptop, where they can also get their hands on video editing softwares, this one is the perfect pick. However, in the big race, MSI got 4.30% of the total votes, and hence served as a favorite of 633 users!

5. Acer 

Acer happens to be a renowned Taiwanese brand. They stretch their expertise to a diverse variety of electronics, and hence, they have successfully managed to secure the fifth position in PollPe's research. 735 voters deemed Acer to be their favorite laptop, which accounts for 4.99% of the total votes! 

4. Asus 

Renowned for its top-notch performance that can smoothly run heavy softwares, Asus is amongst the top 4 laptop brands in this PollPe research! More than 1,000 customers suggested that Asus has been the best laptop brand in the world! Despite their higher price points, they have managed to gain the massive support of the audience! 

3. Dell 

Having been in the tech industry for more than a decade, Dell has found its place in almost every household & workspace. Their sales have touched the skies, and at the same time, the reviews have been encouraging for Dell. Approximately 2,000 voters opted for Dell in this PollPe research, and it got 13.35% of the total votes.

2. HP 

HP is an American brand that specializes in software & technology development. Apart from making awesome laptops, they also specialize in creating budget-friendly printers, desktops & other electronics. Out of the total votes, HP was deemed as the second best in our list after 3149 users voted for it. This summed up to 21.42% of the total votes in this Poll.

1 . Apple 

And here we have the king of all laptop brands in the world. Many would argue that the products by Apple are not budget-friendly, or they would exceed the prices of other brands by a great margin. But still, 44% of voters ended up in the favor of Apple, making it the best laptop brand of 2022!

Who were the users? 

This trending poll was conducted on the official PollPe application, which has more than 1 Million downloads on Google PlayStore. Our application rewards the users for answering polls, and surveys and completing fun tasks daily! 

After minutely filtering the demographics of the users, we identified that people aged between 15-23 years are the most eminent laptop users. 4284 users were students, pursuing their high school or graduation courses in India. There was a great number of voters who were employed full-time as well. 

The cities with the highest number of voters included Lucknow, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad & Kolkata. 

Final Word 

Amongst the tough competition faced by all best laptop brands 2022, Apple has successfully emerged as the dominator in the industry. While some companies like Acer & MSI have neck-to-neck competition, HP & Apple has grasped the market firmly in their hold. We can conclude that Acer is the best laptop brand for students. 

We have acquired this market research with the help of PollPe's dedicated analysis. Not just the users' preferences, but a deeper knowledge of their style of living & spending was also accumulated in our results. For every business owner, market research plays a crucial role in their betterment. And with 1 million users contributing to the field, PollPe serves as a one-stop destination for 360° market analysis.