Most Popular career choice of Indian Students | PollPe Research

Most Popular career choice of Indian Students | PollPe Research

Most Popular career choice of Indian Students | PollPe Research 



" Good Education = Good Career " 

We hear that quite often, but do you know what the youth of India thinks about this? Getting educated at the top colleges is everyone's dream. It may get you the highest-paid jobs in India, but exactly what is the most popular career choice that students are looking forward to?


That is the big question today!


But fortunately, we have found the answer to it. On our official PollPe app, we conducted a Daily Poll to ask students about their plans. We also gave them 4 major choices, and got unexpected feedback! 


Career Options given by the PollPe team 


Four major career choices were given to all PollPe users. They also got hundreds of Coins on our app to answer the daily Poll. In fact, PollPe is the number 1 app today where students can earn Free Paytm Cash & thousands of rewards by just answering Daily Polls & Paid Surveys. 


So here are the career options given by our team : 


" Which one of these would be your career choice in the coming five years? " 


  • Pursuing Higher Education

  • Freelancing 

  • Getting a reliable Job 

  • Setup your own business


In less than 24 hours, we received a massive response from our audience.  The users of our app seem to enjoy the paid surveys because even the best survey sites don't pay them a good amount for it! We will soon reveal the answers to your question, but if you are a student looking for amazing rewards, the next heading is just for you! 


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Most Popular Career Choice of Indian Students 


So out of the four options given by us, we were expecting to see one to get the highest votes. But we were wrong. 


Pursuing Higher Education received 28% votes from our audience. It was a popular choice because obviously the students want to have the best jobs in India. But no, this Option was not the highest-voted one. 


Freelancing got 17% votes. With the intro of sites like Upwork, Freelancer & Truelancer many youngsters have begun earning a good amount. That's why this is also a popular career choice in India. 


Getting a reliable Job was voted by 22% of our users. There are tons of best jobs in India, yet, this was not the most popular choice either. 


Setup your own business got the MAXIMUM VOTES on this Daily Poll. Although the margin of profitable startups in India is less than 5% the students still want to establish their own businesses and quit the job cycle. 


Do you think this is the most popular choice for students because of the wave of startups that have hit the country? 

Tell us in the comments below! 


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