Top 6 DC superheroes of all time | PollPe Opinions

Top 6 DC superheroes of all time | PollPe Opinions

Top 6 DC superheroes of all time! 

The DC universe takes us back to our childhood, where we read those exciting comics & watched all their movies. Over the years, DC superhero list has evolved and introduced tons of new characters who have won our hearts. And today, we are revealing the Top 6 DC superheroes of all time!

These rankings are based on a research conducted by PollPe, where 13,000 fans answered the Polls for their favorite DC superhero. Through this research, we not only get the BIG 6, but we also understand the demographics of the DC fans in India!

What is included in a PollPe research? 

Abhiman Innovations developed PollPe to be a 360° market research solution. To better understand the market and its fluctuations, we often conduct Polls & Surveys to gather useful analytics. This can include the geographic locations of customers, their choices, preferences, opinions, age & employment status. 

In this research, you will know which superheroes have aced it to the top after all these years. We will also tell you which cities have the most number of DC fans in India, and some interesting facts about them!

Top 6 DC superheroes of all time! 

6. Aquaman 

The official Aquaman movie was released in 2018 by DC cinematic Universe. Since then, this character has come to a broader light and created a huge fanbase for himself. Prior to the movies, Aquaman was limited to DC superheroes comics only. In this PollPe research, Aquaman got 6.2% of the total votes from 809 fans.

5. The Green Lantern 

It is utterly shocking to see that Green Lantern could not make it to the top 2 of our research. That's because Green Lantern has been around for more than 3 decades. We've seen and loved him in the DC superheroes show, movies, and animated series as well. But despite that regularity, Green Lantern has received only 7% of the total votes from 912 fans. Nevertheless, Green Lantern has made it to the Top 5 DC superheroes of all time!

4. Flash 

During 2012-2018, his popularity touched the sky. Flash has been a beloved superhero in many formats of the DC superhero universe. We've seen him as a part of Justice League, comics, animated series & stand-alone series as well. Flash successfully gathered 1240 votes from 9.5% of the total DC fans at PollPe.

3. Wonder Woman 

Many storylines in the DC universe have included this stunning superhero as a major character. Justice League & the mainstream Wonder Woman movies allowed us to know her in-depth, and fall in love with the character. She has been on the big screen since 1941, and a number of actresses have played the role of Wonder Woman since then. A total of 1539 fans voted for her as their favorite DC superheroes woman, which is 11.8% of the total votes. Wonder Woman has also made it to the top 3 of this list!

2. Batman 

This character needs no introduction. He's been our favorite at one point or the other, and people have admired his way of dealing with crime in Gotham city. Batman's fans showed their massive support in this PollPe research, and got him 23.6% of the total votes! If we talk precisely about the numbers, then 3055 fans revealed that Batman was their favorite superhero. This was more than the combined fan support for Flash, Aquaman & The Green Lantern.

1 . Superman 

This PollPe research was completely dominated by the fans of Superman. They successfully created a majority of 41.8% of the total votes. After all, Superman has been an iconic DC superhero of all time. His inclusion in a number of animated series, arcs & cinematic ventures was deeply loved by the fans. Out of the 13k Polls that we received, 5426 were for Superman alone, and it's no surprise to see him on top of everyone. However, some may have anticipated seeing Batman on top as well. But the fans at PollPe have made it crystal clear!

Loyal DC fans have shocked us! 

When we conducted this fun Poll at PollPe, we also came to know about several demographics of the users. Because PollPe is a full-fledged market research solution, we got hands-on data that shocked us! 

Out of the 13,000 people who took this Poll, almost 5,800 users were aged between 15-27 years. And the most active DC fans were 22 years old! In India, the most active DC fans were from Delhi, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Kolkata, Jaipur & Chennai. 

Talking about the educational status of the users, we got to know that the majority of them were still students, pursuing their high school or graduation degree. Quite surprisingly, there were many fans who were retired individuals, which clearly indicates that DC has made its mark for a long long time.

To Conclude it all…

Superman has aced all other superheroes in the DC universe. His fans at PollPe have clearly indicated their admiration for him. Superman is undoubtedly the best DC superhero. 

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