6 Productive Ways for Students to Earn Money Online

6 Productive Ways for Students to Earn Money Online

Earning money online can be challenging for students. Because this is the start of a confusing journey. Yet, if done correctly, students can earn money every day by working from the comfort of their homes. In this blog by Humann, we are revealing the 6 ways to make money online. Focusing on the urge of students, we have created a list that eliminates the need for special skills to earn money. 


We understand that at a young age, you may not have the accurate skills to approach big companies. But to meet financial needs and stay just to your studies, it becomes essential to earn. Out of hundreds of options, we have curated a list that will be totally rewarding and worth your time! So let's begin with the 6 potential ways of earning with Humann! 

  1. Filling out Online Surveys 


To earn money without a skillset is not a BIG hurdle anymore. Filling out surveys and redeeming money directly in your wallets is now possible. Numerous companies pay you to fill out surveys and they are your go-to destination for earning money! 


Additionally, the PollPe app also has a feature that allows you to fill out surveys for money. You may check this out to better understand how good the payment is for you! 


  1. Testing apps and websites


In the digital age, every brand has a website and application to improve their SEO ( search engine optimization ). As a beta tester, you can apply to test their apps and websites. 


Beta testers look at the website with a fresh perspective. They identify its usability, functions and optimization for new visitors. These inputs can help an organisation, and the beta tester's inputs are put to use. That's how you can earn money online without holding any prior experience or skill set because you're onboarding as any new visitor would. 

The payment of this job role varies from company to company. 

  1. Answering Opinion Polls on the PollPe app 


You must keep the PollPe app and its fruitful earning methods on your radar. Grabbing bucks for free has never been so easy! 


At PollPe, you can make money online by giving your opinions on various topics. Each opinion brings some bucks into your digital wallet. Along with this feature, numerous methods exist to earn money on the app. For instance, refer and earn, TaskPe offer wall and the PlayTime feature that allows you to earn money whilst playing games on the PollPe app! So what are you waiting for? Download PollPe today and kickstart your hustle! 


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  1. Affiliate Marketing


This is one of the most accurate options for students who prefer to earn money online. To be precise, we highly recommend you to join the Affiliate marketing program by Amazon. It gives you an edge to build a vast passive income. All you've got to do is: promote products. 


Recommend useful products on social media and use your unique link to redirect buyers to the Amazon page. This helps you to earn money for every purchase that has been made through your referral code. 


This may seem like a slow process initially. But you'll be completely blown away by the results that affiliate marketing can yield in the long run! 


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  1. Remote Services

By "Remote Services", we refer to the jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home. All you need is a laptop and a stable internet connection. Oh yes, a few hours of dedication is a major plus! 


These jobs involve operational tasks such as Data Entry, Customer Service, e-mail support etc. On applications like Internshala, Naukri.com & LinkedIn, you can search for remote jobs best suited for you. 


The best part about these jobs is that you receive a monthly pay-out. Your task may be recurring, but it gives you an edge in the corporate world! Remote services such as Video editing, Graphic designing and Social media management can be great areas to start. 



  1. Online Tutoring 


Since 2019, we witnessed a major surge in online education methods and platforms. This method to earn money online is one of the fastest growing gig for students for its unbeatable USP. You can start teaching students from any corner of the globe, thanks to platforms like Chegg India, Pepli & Urban Pro! 


So if you have top-notch writing skills, you can become a great teacher for an ample number of students. Tell us in the comments, which earning method are you going to pursue. 

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