8 Cricketers who are likely to Retire in 2024

8 Cricketers who are likely to Retire in 2024

The World Cup 23 final left cricket fans in a huge disappointment! It was a shock to see some of their favourite players in that state. Not only because their favourite teams may not have won the tournament, but also because 8 remarkable cricketers would opt to retire in 2024. Let's find more details about them, and understand what situations have raised the "Goodbye" of these players. 


1. Shikhar Dhawan a.k.a. Gabbar 


Indian left-hand batsman, Shikhar Dhawan, is likely to retire from all formats of cricket in 2024. He has been a part of several ODI, Test & T20 format tournaments. But he was not selected in the recent tournaments organized by ICC & BCCI. 


Dhawan was not a part of the Asia Cup 2023, World Cup 2023 & India Vs Australia T20 series. It is improbable that the selectors would bring Gabbar back, because teams across all formats have been achieving almost all their milestones. With all the seats filled by young, talented and worthy players, Dhawan's fans are sure to be disappointed by his absence from the team. 


2. Mohammad Shami 


One of the highest wicket-takers of World Cup 2023, Mohammad Shami, may retire from the ODI cricket format. After securing single-handed victories in the World Cup 2023 edition, Mohammad Shami became an inspiration for emerging players. 


But the pacer is already 33 years old. It is highly unlikely that we will see him in the upcoming T20 World Cup or other ODI tournaments in the upcoming year. This is a major shock for Indian cricket fans because Mohammad Shami is the backbone of the team's bowling lineup. 


3. Quinton De Kock


South African left-hand batsman, Quinton De Kock, set a remarkable bar in World Cup 2023. He was one of the highest run scorers throughout the tournament. His performance contributed highly to getting South Africa so far into the tournament, and eventually finishing at the third position. 


Quinton De Kock may retire from all formats of cricket, as he has already retired from Test Cricket. Before the tournament commenced, he also disclosed that he would bid adieu to ODI. 


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4. Rohit Sharma a.k.a. Hitman 


The captain of the Men's Indian Cricket team, Rohit Sharma would likely retire after the T20 World Cup in November 2024. It is quite evident that Hitman would be 40 by 2027, and would not be able to participate in the upcoming important series. 


Nevertheless, Rohit Sharma would lead the team one last time in the T20 World Cup 2024. His retirement would make way for younger talent. Yes, this news is quite upsetting for Indian fans because Rohit Sharma brilliantly led the Indian team to numerous victories throughout 2023. 


5. Shakib Al Hasan 


Bangladesh cricket team has not secured any title in recent tournaments. Shakib Al Hasan, the captain of Bangladesh suffered a quad injury during World Cup 2023. 


Ahead of the series, he also announced that he would vacate his position after the Champions Trophy 2025. Nevertheless, his injury and the consistently poor performance of the team may force the board to consider some important decisions. 


Feel free to comment down your opinion on Shakib Al Hasan's retirement below! 


6. Ben Stokes 


Fans have anticipated this since last year. Ben Stokes announced his retirement from all formats of cricket in 2022. But he reversed his decision and was selected to play in the World Cup 2023. He also informed his fans that he is set to undergo knee surgery in November 2023. 


Although Ben Stokes mentioned that he would retire from ODI cricket, he has been onboarded for the Test Series in 2024. 


Unfortunately, Ben Stokes is highly likely to retire from all formats of cricket in 2024. This is a huge disappointment for all cricket fans because his outstanding sportsmanship was respected by all! 


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7. David Warner


Over the years, David Warner has amassed a huge fan base around the world! His cricketing career is quite a spectacle, and he would stop writing this beautiful story shortly. 


Australia won the World Cup in 2023. It was quite a happy ending for the Aussies and paved the way for most senior cricketers in their team. David Warner announced that he would retire from the Test Cricket Format in January 2024. 


This leaves us with a lot of heartbreaks for one day. But there's still one more to go through. 


8. Ravichandran Ashwin 


The 37-year-old Indian off-spinner may have played his last World Cup this year. He was brought to the team as a replacement for Axar Patel due to an injury. And he used the opportunity very well! 


R. Ashwin is already 37 years old. By 2027, he will turn 41 and the board may not consider picking him for the same reason.  Nevertheless, R. Ashwin may turn up during the Test Matches & the T20 World Cup in 2024. But post that, it would be highly unlikely to expect him in the Indian cricket team. 


Final Word 


"Cricket is not just a sport, it is an emotion." And this emotion may not be easy to contemplate. Some of our favourite cricketers will retire in 2024, and the reasons seem too clear. 


Nevertheless, we encourage you to cherish their achievements and welcome the new talent with open arms. That's all from the Humann team. 


Tell us in the comments: who amongst these players should come back to their team one more time?