(#AmazonFinds) 8 Best-Pocket Size Power Banks under Rs. 2000/- in India (February 2024)

(#AmazonFinds) 8 Best-Pocket Size Power Banks under Rs. 2000/- in India (February 2024)

(#AmazonFinds) 8 Best-Pocket Size Power Banks under Rs. 2000/- in India (February 2024)

Streaming, gaming, scrolling - we Indians love it all! But what happens when your phone throws a tantrum mid-session? Don't sweat it! Unleash the power of these mini power banks, all under Rs. 2000, and keep your digital life charged up 24/7!

With so many options, finding the perfect power bank can feel like navigating a maze. Fear not, tech ninjas! This guide by Humann is your ultimate weapon to slay the battery monster. 

We'll break down the essential features, and reveal the top contenders to buy the best power banks under Rs. 2000/- Stay tuned!


1. MI 10000mAh Lithium Ion, Lithium Polymer Power Bank Pocket Pro (INR 1699, 4.3/5)

Compact powerhouse: Slip this pocket-sized wonder into your bag and conquer low-battery anxiety. It's not bulky, but its 10000mAh capacity fuels movie marathons or late-night study sessions with ease.

Double-duty charging: This champ boasts 18W fast charging, blasting your phone back to life in under two hours. It even has dual output ports, so you can keep your friend's phone juiced up too. Definitely, this deserved a place at the best power banks under Rs.1000/- 

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2. URBN 10000 mAh Premium Black Edition Nano Power Bank (INR 1499, 4.2/5)

Tiny Titan: Don't underestimate this palm-sized dynamo! Packed with 10000mAh, it keeps your devices glowing even on long treks and adventures.

Sleek and stylish: This premium power bank by URBN flaunts a sleek black design that complements your tech and effortlessly slips into any pocket.

Triple treat: Not just power, this titan boasts two output ports and wireless charging! Charge your phone, tablet, and earbuds simultaneously, all without tangled wires.


3. MI 10000mAh 3i Lithium Polymer Power Bank Dual Input (INR 1299, 4.3/5)

Double the fun, double the ports: Forget battery wars with friends! This pocket powerhouse rocks dual output ports, letting you and your buddy charge smartphones simultaneously. No more charger wars – just uninterrupted gaming sessions or late-night study vibes for two.

Triple treat charging: Power up with three input options: micro-USB, Type-C, and even wireless charging! Ditch the tangled mess and choose your weapon – this bank adapts to your needs like a charging chameleon.


4. Ambrane 20000mAh Power Bank with 20W Fast Charging (INR 1699, 4.0/5)

Battery beast for binge-worthy adventures: Forget low-battery drama on weekend getaways! This 20000mAh gladiator fuels your phone for days, powering movie marathons, endless gaming sessions, and non-stop music. Say goodbye to charger hunts and hello to uninterrupted digital bliss. That too, for a low price of Rs. 1699/- 

20W fast charging: No time to waste? This power bank boasts 20W fast charging, reviving your phone from 0 to 100% in a flash. Power up during lunch breaks, and conquer commutes with lightning speed. 

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5. Belkin 10000 mAh 15W PD 3.0 Slim Fast Charging Power Bank (INR 1699, 4.2/5)

Pocket-sized powerhouse for tech nomads: This slim wonder weighs next to nothing but packs a 10000mAh punch. Slide it into your laptop bag and conquer airport layovers or fuel your workday grind.

Universal charger: Don't get tangled in adapter chaos! This versatile bank sports USB-C PD 3.0 output, powering both your phone and laptop with lightning speed. One bank to rule them all, on planes, trains, or coffee shop tables.


6. Redmi Lithiumpolymer 10000 Mah Fast Charging Slim Power Bank (INR 1199, 4.2/5)

Budget-friendly battery boss: Ditch the battery drain without breaking the bank! This slim dynamo delivers 10000mAh of power for under 1200 bucks, keeping your phone juiced for day-long adventures.

18W fast charging: Don't let a low battery slow you down! This pocket buddy boasts 18W fast charging, reviving your phone to 100% in under two hours. Power up during coffee breaks, conquer commutes with lightning speed and stay connected on the go.


7. Duracell Power Bank 10000 mAh, Portable Charger (INR 1999, 4.0/5)

Built for the rough: This 10000 mAh beast isn't just powerful, it's practically indestructible! Its rugged design withstands drops, bumps, and scrapes, making it the perfect companion for outdoor adventures or clumsy moments.

Dual output, double the fun: Share the power! This bank boasts two USB ports, letting you charge your phone and a friend's device simultaneously. Fuel up adventures together, power up study sessions or become the hero who saves a dying phone at the party.

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8. URBN 10000 mAh Li-Polymer Ultra Compact Power Bank (INR 1049, 4.2/5)

The ultimate pocket rocket: Don't let its size fool you! This tiny titan packs a 10000mAh punch, keeping your phone humming even on long days or spontaneous outings. It's like having a secret superpower hidden in your palm.

Lightweight champion: Ditch the bulky bricks! This featherweight bank weighs a mere 200 grams, making it the perfect travel companion. Slip it into your purse or pocket and forget you're even carrying extra power.


Final word

Unleash the digital beast within! Say goodbye to battery drains. You can catch up on your movie marathons and endless gaming nights with these battery gladiators. 

Conquer any low-battery situation with these champions. Which pocket powerhouse caught your eye? Tell us in the comments. 

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