8 Best Money earning Apps in India in 2024

8 Best Money earning Apps in India in 2024

Amidst thousands of money-making apps in India, Humann brings reliable apps to turn your taps into cash. The huge inventory of untrustworthy apps prevents users from selecting any app. So our team has done the job for you! 2024 should be filled with positive vibes and honest platforms to earn money. 


Enjoy the gig economy with apps that blend into your routine, ensuring that earning money becomes a task and a lifestyle. From savvy side hustles to innovative in-app features, we've decoded the game for you. Let’s explore the top 11 money-making apps in India: 

  1. PollPe: Earn Cash for Opinions


PollPe, your money-making companion, keeps it simple and fun! 

With a user-friendly interface, the PollPe app lets you earn by participating in quick and engaging polls. No tech hassle – just tap, answer, and earn. 


Plus, our quirky poll topics add a dash of humour to your day. Redeem your earnings effortlessly for exciting rewards.

Get your wallet loaded with gift cards, Paytm Cash and a variety of vouchers. Join PollPe today and turn your opinions into cash, making the 'poll-to-paycheck' journey a breeze! 

  1. Pocket Money: Earn Wallet Cash


Pocket Money revolutionises earning on your phone. Complete quick tasks, surveys, and app downloads to accumulate real cash. The app's simplicity and variety of tasks make it a go-to for anyone looking to effortlessly boost their income. It is an ideal application for students earning extra cash for their daily spending. Pocket Money has crossed 1 Crore downloads on the Google PlayStore, thus it stands out in our list of best-earning apps for 2024. 


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  1. Qureka: Play Quizzes and Learn 


Play games, answer quizzes, and earn rewards. The app combines fun and profit, offering a range of engaging activities for users to enjoy while making money on the side. Qureka transforms entertainment into earnings. Their module promises daily rewards when you complete 200 daily quizzes across 7 formats. For all the quiz wizards out there, Qureka is your go-to destination for earning through your knowledge! 

  1. EasyCash 


EasyCash streamlines the earning process with straightforward tasks. From completing surveys to easy assignments, this app offers a user-friendly experience for those seeking a hassle-free way to earn cash. The best about this app is that you can redeem your earnings through multiple payment modes and apps. Easy Cash has attained a 4.4/5 rating on the Google PlayStore. It is one of the highest ratings that a money-earning app can receive. So why not try it for yourself? 

  1. ySense


This splendid application turns your spare time into valuable rewards. By participating in surveys and simple tasks, users can easily accumulate earnings. The app's straightforward approach and reliable payouts make it a popular choice for earners. 


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  1. U Speak We Pay


This voice-based earning app rewards you for sharing your thoughts. Simply record short audio clips on various topics and watch your earnings grow. With an easy-to-use interface and a fun way to engage, it's the perfect platform for those who enjoy expressing themselves.

  1. Current Rewards

Current Rewards pays you for doing what you love – listening to music. Simply enjoy your favourite tunes, and earn rewards. With a seamless user experience, it's a passive yet enjoyable way to earn while staying entertained.

  1. Sikka Pro


Sikka Pro bridges skills and earnings. Showcase your professional expertise and get matched with opportunities. This app simplifies the process, making it easy for skilled individuals to find rewarding opportunities in their respective fields.


To Conclude it all…


Your journey of effortless earnings with these diverse apps is curated by the Humann Team. From voicing your opinions to playing games, each app brings a unique flavour to the table. 

Our recommended pick is PollPe: Earn Cash for Opinions. Do not forget to give it a try to boost your earnings! 


Whether seeking a casual side hustle or a more focused skill-based approach, these apps offer simplicity and rewards. Let your phone become a pocket-sized powerhouse for generating rewards. Join the Humann Team in embracing the ease and excitement of earning through these apps – because, in 2024, your pockets deserve a festive jingle too!


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