Are workout apps truly effective? | Know from the Gen Z

Are workout apps truly effective? | Know from the Gen Z

Wondering if workout apps actually deliver results? 

We've got you covered. Maybe you don’t have the time to hit the gym, but you’re also wondering if workout apps are any good for you. In this blog, we cut through the noise with straight facts. Backed by data from PollPe, we're here to uncover the effectiveness of workout apps. Stick around as we dive into the world of fitness tech and find out what really matters for Gen Z. Let's get started! 

Are home workout apps truly effective? | Results by PollPe


To gather public opinions, PollPe deploys a streamlined approach. Through targeted polls, we gather insights from a diverse audience, ensuring a representative sample of Gen Z's perspective on fitness apps. With an aim to leverage market research, we are presenting the interpretation of our poll results: 


  • Two opinion polls conducted with intriguing options helped us to gather diverse options. The questions were, Do you believe that Workout & Fitness Tracking apps are useful?” & “Do you track your workouts or fitness progress regularly?” 

  • The majority (5663 votes) find Workout and fitness Tracking apps highly effective.

  • A significant number (1185 votes) expressed scepticism about their usefulness.

  • 3366 respondents rely on personal trainers for workout tracking, while 1822 use fitness apps.

  • 1697 individuals prefer the traditional method of a fitness journal.

  • Different approaches highlight the diverse paths to fitness success.


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These results clearly indicate that workout and fitness-tracking apps have been used and accepted by the majority of PollPe users. Despite some mistrust that respondents have experienced, the usefulness of these apps cannot be overlooked. The poll emphasises the varied strategies individuals employ on their fitness journeys. Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Find what resonates with you and keep pushing towards a healthier lifestyle! PollPe, the no. 1 destination to express your opinions has contributed to market research as well as incentivisation of opinions on a considerable level. 

6 best fitness apps for GenZ in 2023

Humann speaks facts. In 2023, the fitness landscape is brimming with options tailored for Gen Z. Here are the top 6 fitness apps, carefully curated for the Indian audience:


  1. HealthifyMe:

  • Provides personalized diet plans and workout routines, along with progress tracking. HealthifyMe offers a freemium model with enhanced features in the premium version.

  1. Cure. fit :

  • Integrates workouts, nutrition, and mental wellness, creating a holistic approach to health. This app has a subscription-based service with a free trial period. 

  1. MyFitnessPal:

  • Focuses on calorie tracking, providing insights for a balanced diet and exercise routine. Offers a free version with premium features available.

  1. Yoga for Beginners:

  • Tailored yoga routines designed for beginners, promoting flexibility and mental well-being. This app provides free basic content, with premium classes for deeper practice.

  1. JEFIT 

  • A strength training app with detailed exercise guides and tracking features. Users can have free basic access with an option for premium features.

  1. Fitify

  • Fitify offers a diverse range of workouts, from HIIT to yoga, adaptable to various fitness levels. As a user, you can try the free and premium versions with added features.


Each of these apps caters to the GenZ, offering a variety of features to suit different fitness needs. Whether it's personalized nutrition plans, guided workouts, or yoga for mental wellness, these apps have something for everyone. So, dive in, discover, and embark on your fitness journey with these top-notch options!

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Wrapping Up


The poll results highlight diverse opinions on home workout apps among Gen Z. While most respondents find them effective, some remain sceptical. Remember, fitness is personal. If you want to be sure about the reliability of fitness apps, you can avail the free trials of the apps listed above. They would give you a better understanding of their benefits. With these words, today’s market research endeavour comes to an end! For more polls and a chance to earn cash rewards, download the PollPe app. Stay informed and rewarded!