How to Earn Money from Amazon - 15 Proven Ways

How to Earn Money from Amazon - 15 Proven Ways

Amazon: the behemoth of e-commerce, the digital doorway to millions of products, and, for many, a tempting prospect for generating income. But where do you begin, and how do you navigate the diverse avenues this retail giant offers? 

No prior experience or hefty investments are required – just a healthy dose of ambition and a willingness to explore. So, ditch the endless product scrolls and join us on this treasure hunt through the Amazon landscape. Prepare to unlock hidden earning potential, uncover fresh income streams, and transform your Amazon adventure into a journey of financial success. Let's dive in!


  1. Selling Physical Products on Amazon FBA

The FBA path invites you to become a range of product selection, sourcing, and listing. Research like a detective, sniff out profitable offerings, and craft listings that sing with compelling descriptions and high-quality images. 

Remember, understanding FBA fees and storage costs is your secret weapon for maximizing profit. And while your inventory basks in Amazon's care, remember, that excellent customer service is the key to unlocking repeat purchases and glowing reviews.

How to enrol in the Amazon FBA program;

  • Create an Amazon Seller Central account (individual or professional).

  • Provide business information and tax documents.

  • Choose your FBA fulfilment plan (monthly or per unit).


  1. Becoming an Amazon Affiliate

Do you have a knack for storytelling? Can you weave captivating narratives around products that spark desire and click-throughs? Then the Amazon Affiliate program is your siren song. 

Build your online stage, be it a website, blog, or social media haven, and curate content that resonates with your niche. Infuse your words with authenticity and trust, as you weave product recommendations seamlessly into your storytelling tapestry. 

Track your conversions like a seasoned explorer, and optimize your content to attract targeted traffic that clicks, buys, and brings you closer to your earning goals.

How to enrol in the Amazon Associates program?

  • Sign up for the free Amazon Associates program.

  • Choose niche topics or product categories.

  • Generate unique affiliate links for specific products.


Getting Started:

  • Build a website, blog, or social media presence.

  • Create engaging content featuring Amazon products relevant to your chosen niche.

  • Share your affiliate links organically through reviews, recommendations, and tutorials.

  • Track your conversions and optimize your content to attract relevant traffic.

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  1. Publishing E-books on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Unleash your inner wordsmith, craft a tale that captivates hearts and minds, and let KDP be your launchpad to e-book fame. But remember, the journey begins with meticulous editing and proofreading. Polish your manuscript until it gleams, then design a cover that whispers the essence of your story. 

KDP's marketing tools are your compass, helping you navigate the world of discoverability. Engage with readers online, build a community around your book, and watch your e-book empire rise brick by brick. 


  • Create an Amazon KDP account.

  • Upload your e-book manuscript in compatible formats (e.g., .doc, .docx).

  • Design a captivating cover image and product description.

  • Set your preferred price and royalty options.


Pro tips for beginners:

  • Ensure your e-book is professionally edited and proofread.

  • Design a high-quality cover that reflects your genre and target audience.

  • Utilize KDP's marketing tools to promote your e-book.

  • Engage with readers through author platforms and online communities.


  1. Selling Custom Designs on Amazon Merch by Demand

Do you dream of vibrant colours and bold lines? Can you translate your creative vision onto t-shirts, mugs, and phone cases that make the world stop and stare? Then Merch by Demand beckons you into its realm of design and profitability. 

Research like a trend hunter, understand popular themes and graphic styles and let your imagination run wild. Utilize social media's megaphone to amplify your creations, and collaborate with influencers to spread the word about your artistic wares. Remember, constant monitoring and strategic adjustments can refine your designs and propel your Merch empire to new heights.

Enrollment Process for Amazon Merch

  • Create an Amazon Merch account.

  • Design appealing t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and other merch items.

  • Upload your designs using Merch's intuitive design tools.

  • Set product prices and royalties.


For a headstart, you can

  • Research trending themes and popular graphic styles.

  • Create unique and eye-catching designs that resonate with your target audience.

  • Utilize high-quality graphics and vector images.

  • Promote your merch items on social media and relevant online communities.

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  1. Master the Art of Online Arbitrage

Ever found a bargain online that whispered sweet promises of profit? Online arbitrage lets you turn those whispers into reality! Channel your inner deal hunter, scour other e-commerce platforms for hidden gems, and list them on Amazon at a higher price. Remember, thorough price research and a sharp understanding of Amazon's fees are your trusty compass on this treasure hunt.


  • Create an Amazon Seller Central account (individual or professional).

  • Research competitor platforms and pricing strategies.

  • Understand Amazon's product restrictions and fees. 

Getting Started:

  • Identify profitable products on other e-commerce platforms.

  • Purchase products at discounted prices.

  • List products on Amazon with a competitive markup.

  • Optimize listings and manage inventory efficiently.


  1. Design and Sell on Amazon Merch by Demand

Got a creative streak wider than the Grand Canyon? Merch by Demand lets you unleash your inner fashion designer and build your empire one t-shirt, mug, and phone case at a time. 

Design captivating artwork, understand trending themes, and let your artistic spirit run wild. Remember, high-quality graphics and strategic social media promotion are your keys to unlocking a world of eager customers.


Free and quick, open an MBD account and unlock a universe of potential buyers.


Here’s what to do first:

  • Research popular themes, graphics, and topics that resonate with your target audience.

  • Unleash your creativity, experiment, and polish your designs with high-quality graphics and vector images.

  • Familiarize yourself with design limitations and product placements to ensure your artwork shines.

  • Promote your creations on social media, collaborate with influencers, and build a community around your art.


  1. Dropshipping: Profits Without Inventory

Imagine a world where you sell products without the hassle of owning any inventory. Dropshipping makes that dream a reality! Partner with reliable suppliers who ship directly to your customers, allowing you to focus on marketing and branding Note that building strong relationships with suppliers and mastering the art of customer service is crucial for dropshipping success.


  • Create an Amazon Seller Central account (individual or professional).

  • Research reliable dropshipping suppliers with compatible products.

  • Understand Amazon's dropshipping policies and limitations.


Getting Started:

  • List dropshipping products on Amazon with appropriate pricing.

  • Build strong relationships with suppliers for smooth order fulfilment.

  • Offer excellent customer service to handle product inquiries and returns.

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  1. Make Money with Amazon FBA

Already have a treasure trove of products waiting to be unleashed? Amazon FBA takes your business to the next level. 

Send your inventory to Amazon's fulfillment centers, and let them handle the heavy lifting of storage, shipping, and customer service. Remember, efficient inventory management and a clear understanding of FBA fees are key to maximizing your profits.


  • Create an Amazon Seller Central account (individual or professional).

  • Research and negotiate fulfilment contracts with established brands.

  • Understand FBA fees and storage costs for different product types.


Pro tips for beginners:

  • Secure fulfilment contracts with brands looking for FBA services.

  • Manage inventory and warehouse operations efficiently to meet fulfilment deadlines.

  • Offer superior customer service on behalf of the brands you fulfil for.

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  1. Showcase Your Crafts on Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade welcomes craftspeople and artisans with open arms. Showcase your unique creations to a passionate community of buyers and watch your artistic endeavours blossom into a thriving business. Remember, high-quality craftsmanship, captivating product descriptions, and beautiful photography are your keys to attracting customers.


  • Create an Amazon Handmade account and complete the application process.

  • Provide high-quality photos and detailed descriptions of your handcrafted items.

  • Ensure your products meet Amazon Handmade's quality and production standards.


For a headstart, you can:

  • Craft unique and high-quality products that appeal to Amazon Handmade's audience.

  • Utilize captivating storytelling in your product descriptions to connect with buyers.

  • Participate in promotional events and workshops offered by Amazon Handmade.

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  1. Declutter and Earn with Amazon Trade-In

Have unused electronics, books, or games gathering dust in your attic? Amazon Trade-In gives them a second life and puts some extra cash in your pocket. 

Get cash or Amazon gift cards for eligible items, declutter your home, and feel the sweet satisfaction of responsible reuse. The condition of your items and understanding trade-in values are crucial for maximizing your return.


  • Create an Amazon account or use your existing account.

  • Scan or search for eligible items within Amazon Trade-In's list.

  • Confirm trade-in values and shipping instructions for chosen items.


Here’s what to do first:

  • Gather unused electronics, books, games, and other eligible items for trade-in.

  • Ensure items are in good condition and meet Trade-In requirements.

  • Consider bulk trade-in options for potentially higher earning potential.


  1. Work in an Amazon Fulfillment Center

Looking for a dynamic and physically rewarding job with great benefits? Consider joining the vibrant workforce of an Amazon fulfilment centre. Pack and ship orders, receive competitive wages, and enjoy potential career advancement opportunities. Remember, being physically fit and adaptable to a fast-paced environment are key ingredients for success in this role.


  • Visit Amazon's jobs website and browse available positions at fulfilment centers near you.

  • Apply online and participate in any required interviews or assessments.

  • Fulfill various requirements such as background checks and drug tests.

Getting Started:

  • Prepare for physically demanding work as tasks may involve packing, lifting, and moving heavy items.

  • Be adaptable to a fast-paced environment and meet productivity targets efficiently.

  • Prioritize customer satisfaction by ensuring accurate and timely order fulfilment.

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  1. Become an Amazon Delivery Driver

Prefer the open road and the satisfaction of delivering smiles directly to customers' doorsteps? The Amazon Flex program might be your perfect fit. 

Choose your schedule, deliver packages in your car, and earn flexible income as an independent contractor. Remember, reliable transportation, a valid driver's license, and a friendly demeanour are essential for thriving in this role.


  • Download the Amazon Flex app and create an account.

  • Provide required information such as driver's license details and vehicle insurance.

  • Complete required background checks and training modules.


For a headstart, you can:

  • Choose your preferred delivery schedule and block times based on availability.

  • Download the Amazon Flex app for route navigation and delivery instructions.

  • Prioritize safe and efficient driving practices while delivering packages to customers.


  1. Offer Your Services on Amazon Services:

The Amazon Services marketplace welcomes your expertise! Offer your skills in a variety of categories, from handyman services and home improvement to tech support and pet care. Remember, building a strong reputation with positive customer reviews is key to attracting clients and growing your business.


  • Create an Amazon Services Pro account and complete the application process.

  • Provide relevant licenses, certifications, and proof of insurance for your offered services.

  • Pass background checks and demonstrate expertise in your chosen service category.


Pro tips for beginners:

  • Build a strong profile showcasing your skills, experience, and positive customer reviews.

  • Offer competitive pricing and service packages tailored to client needs.

  • Provide high-quality service and maintain excellent communication with clients.

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  1. Become an Amazon Influencer

Do you have a loyal following on social media who trust your recommendations? The Amazon Influencer program lets you leverage your influence to earn commissions on product sales. Share your love for Amazon finds through creative content, build a storefront filled with curated picks, and engage your audience with authentic reviews and recommendations. Note that consistency, high-quality content, and genuine connection with your audience are key to attracting clicks and generating income.


  • Create an Amazon Influencer account and link your social media profiles.

  • Build a loyal following on relevant platforms with engaging content featuring Amazon products.

  • Ensure you meet Amazon Influencer program requirements regarding follower count and engagement.


Here’s what to do first:

  • Share authentic reviews and recommendations for products within your chosen niche.

  • Utilize creative content formats like video reviews, unboxing videos, and lifestyle content.

  • Partner with brands for sponsored content opportunities and product collaborations.


  1. Write Reviews for the Amazon Vine Program

The Amazon Vine program invites experienced reviewers to receive free products in exchange for honest and comprehensive reviews. Contribute valuable feedback to the Amazon community, gain access to exciting new products, and build your reputation as a trusted reviewer. Remember, thoroughness, objectivity, and engaging writing are essential for succeeding in this program and potentially influencing future purchase decisions.


  • Apply to the Amazon Vine program through your Amazon account.

  • Fill out an application showcasing your reviewing experience and writing skills.

  • Demonstrate a track record of providing high-quality, objective reviews on Amazon.


For a headstart, you can:

  • Receive and review free products provided by Amazon in exchange for comprehensive feedback.

  • Focus on insightful and objective reviews that provide valuable information to potential buyers.

  • Maintain a professional tone and avoid promotional or biased content.


With these 15 diverse pathways, the Amazon landscape transforms from a potential income stream into a vibrant tapestry of possibilities. Whether you're a creative soul, a logistical mastermind, or simply someone looking for extra earning potential, Amazon offers a path for your unique skills and interests. So, dive into this treasure chest, explore the options, and unleash your entrepreneurial spirit to turn your Amazon ambitions into tangible success!

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