Advertisements & impulse buying: GenZ’s buying habits in 2023

Advertisements & impulse buying: GenZ’s buying habits in 2023

Hey folks! GenZ’s shopping habits have been quite difficult to track. These energized homo sapiens change trends quite frequently. That’s why, we at Humann decided to bring in another blog to unravel the mysteries of shopping trends. Our results are aimed to give you a deeper insight into consumer analysis. 

Opinions are incomplete without polls. Because polls are the modern way to voice one’s thoughts. Our vast user base identifies market trends and patterns with the help of PollPe: The perfect app to monetize your thoughts. With reference, we will uncover the mysteries one by one. Let’s start with defining the terms! 


What are Advertisements and Impulsive Buying?  


Does advertisement even need a definition? Duh! Advertisement or Ad(s) is the process of promoting a product or service and boosting its sales. With global digitization, there have been some trendy ad formats available! They are: 


  • Email Ads

  • Print Ads

  • Social Media Ads

  • Cell Phone Ads

  • Video Ads 

  • Short video ads 

  • Broadcast ads 

  • Banner ads 

  • Influencer Ads 


And dozens more, but most of these are listed here for the relevancy of GenZ! Ads can be paid as well as organic. The aim is to create a buzz about your service and make sure more people hear about it, talk about it and most importantly: purchase it. 


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Impulsive Buying Explained


I wish to start this with an example. Imagine you walked into the supermarket to buy a pack of cheese and bread. However, your gaze fell on the hundreds of products racked one above the other. 


Your trolley strolls from one section to the other as you examine the prices of every product that appeals to you. And after 30 minutes of pointless strolling, you have a pack of cheese, bread, the new shampoo, fancy oil, the sexy perfume and the pack of cookies that you were just curious about. 


Ask yourself: did you actually need those products? Or maybe you just wanted to buy them? 


This behaviour of unplanned buying is known as impulsive buying. It is a well-known tactic used by supermarkets, shopping malls and manufacturers to boost their sales. 


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What are GenZ's shopping trends in 2023? 


With the help of PollPe, we have uncovered the labyrinth of shopping trends. PollPe is driven to monetize users' thoughts on various topics. We reward our users with PollPe coins and Gift Cards that can be redeemed when they answer opinion polls. The results of opinion polls have been blended to prepare a dish of market research. Beginning with the first poll result of the blog: 


Poll Question: 

How do you discover new products or brands online? 

  • Social media Ads:4532 votes

  • Recommendations from friends:1088 votes

  • Search Engines like Google:1079 votes

  • Influencer reviews:528 votes

  • None of these:267 votes 


Result Analysis: 

This result is a crystal clear indication of the dominance of Social Media Ads. 4532 respondents purchased products after being captivated by Social Media Ads. As a business owner, you must understand the crucial impact of social media ads on the buying habits of GenZ. If you are ignoring the power of social media ads, now is the time to rethink the possibilities of potential sales growth!


Poll Question: 

How important is the availability of customer reviews in your online shopping decisions?

  • Very important:5243 votes

  • Neutral:1246 votes

  • Somewhat important:616 votes

  • Not important:299 votes


Result Analysis: 

Have you experienced this too? 

Most customers go through the reviews left by previous buyers before making a purchase. Everyone wants to reassure themselves about the value of a product. That’s why, make sure that you gather amazing reviews on your website. If your products are listed on Amazon and Flipkart, make sure to gather positive reviews on those platforms too. 


Poll Question: 

  • What payment method do you prefer when shopping online?

  • UPI:4085 votes

  • Credit/Debit card:720 votes

  • Cash on Delivery:2212 votes

  • Net banking:258 votes

  • I don't shop online:314 votes


Result Analysis: 

Your website may be up and working. But your payment gateway is the most crucial part of confirming a sale. 4085 respondents feel that UPI is the most convenient payment mode for them when shopping online. So that’s a MUST-have in your shopping portal. 


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Final Word:


Genz has become quite selective about its approach towards buying. Social Media Ads, UPI integration and positive reviews drive more customers to your business. 


With these results derived from the vaults of PollPe, we aim to educate and inform our readers. It is a move to help business owners and market researchers to upscale their sales. To curate customized polls and track analytics in real-time for consumer behaviour, you may contact the tech-savvy team at PollPe at [email protected] 

Watch out for more interesting and educational posts at Humann.