Best OTT platform to watch live sports in 2024 | Opinions & Stats

Best OTT platform to watch live sports in 2024 | Opinions & Stats

This year, subscription-based OTT platforms have emerged as the go-to source for sports entertainment. As we step into 2024, the demand for live sports has skyrocketed, reshaping how we experience our favourite games. Today, we uncover the ultimate OTT platform that reigns supreme in delivering live sports action straight to your screens. But wait, there's more! We've delved into the collective wisdom of the public through Opinion Polls on PollPe, and the insights gathered will play a pivotal role in our revelation. So, gear up for an enlightening dive into the world of live sports streaming! 

Results of the Opinion Polls by PollPe

At PollPe, we tremendously value your opinions. That’s why, we ask questions that can help to shape your purchasing decisions. To help you in decision-making, we have summed up the results of 3 highly popular opinion polls from the vaults of PollPe. Gear up for the results!


  • Disney+ Hotstar was the reigning champion of this poll. 37% of votes were enough to sideline Amazon Prime, Netflix and Voot. However, there was a twist in the tale. 

  • In the next opinion poll, we asked, “When watching cricket, which of these platforms gives the best streaming experience?” and we were shocked to know that Jio Cinema had surpassed Disney and Star Sports Network for first place. 

  • It was quite evident that the audience is quite inclined to use Disney+ Hotstar & Jio Cinema to watch Live sports! 


Clearly, Disney+ Hotstar and Jio Cinema lead the pack for live sports streaming in 2024. So if you’re planning to buy a subscription for live-streaming sports, do not miss out on these OTT platforms. 


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Top 3 OTT Platforms Ranked


We aim to make this research concrete with valuable stats. According to TechnoSports, here are the top 3 live streaming platforms in India that are highly focused on diverse genres of sports! 

  1. SonyLiv: Leading the pack, SonyLiv offers a seamless viewing experience with a diverse content library. Its user-friendly interface and impressive streaming quality secure its top spot.

  2. Disney+ Hotstar: A close contender, Disney+ Hotstar boasts a rich selection of content, including live sports. Its intuitive interface and robust streaming capabilities make it a go-to choice for enthusiasts.

  3. ESPN: Holding a strong third position, ESPN caters to sports aficionados with its dedicated sports-centric content. While not as extensive as others, it excels in delivering a focused live sports experience.


These rankings reflect the platforms' commitment to providing quality content and a satisfying user experience. Each platform brings its unique strengths to the table, ensuring viewers have a range of excellent options to choose from.

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In the quest for the ultimate live sports streaming experience, the numbers don't lie! Disney+ Hotstar, SonyLiv and Jio Cinema emerge as the undisputed champions, leaving no room for doubt. Their stellar performances in our Opinion Polls speak volumes. It's crystal clear - when it comes to sports action, these platforms are the MVPs

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