Top 7 Gaming Headphones under Rs. 1000/- (February 2024)

Top 7 Gaming Headphones under Rs. 1000/- (February 2024)

Top 7 Gaming Headphones under Rs. 1000/- (February 2024)

Game on, gaming heroes! Tired of poor audio ruining your victory royale dreams? 

Ditch the struggle and upgrade your game with these 10 gaming headphones under Rs.1000/- Get ready for booming bass, crystal-clear sound, and mics so good, that your teammates will think you're a pro streamer. ️

So gear up, scroll down, and find your perfect audio weapon for budget-friendly domination! Let's slay some ranks together! 


1. Cosmic Byte GS430 (INR 834, 4.0/5 stars)

Bass Blaster: Forget weak audio! This budget beast kicks things up a notch with deep, thumping bass, letting you hear every footstep and explosion like a pro. Unleash the inner audiophile without breaking the bank. Don't just play the game – feel it vibrate through your bones!


2. Cosmic Byte GS410 (INR 889, 4.0/5 stars)

Mic Master: Dominate the ranks with this crystal-clear microphone! Your teammates will hear every strategic call-out, and you'll hear every enemy whisper. Crush opponents before they even know you're there. These headphones blend in a sporty colour combination. Giving you the true feel of a pro gamer!

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3. Cosmic Byte H11 (INR 889, 4.0/5 stars)

Sleek Soundscape: Upgrade your game with these stylish, over-ear headphones. They're not just eye catchy – they deliver powerful sound and a comfy fit for marathon gaming sessions. Look good, play good, feel good! Cosmic Byte has taken care of all. Turn heads and drop jaws with these sleek, futuristic headphones.


4. Zebronics Zeb-Dynamic (INR 799, 3.8/5 stars)

Wireless Warrior: Cut the cord, not the quality! These Bluetooth headphones let you roam free while enjoying decent sound. Perfect for casual gaming and music on the go – say goodbye to tangled wires with Zeb-Dynamic by Zebronics! Enjoy decent audio for both games and music, all with the liberating power of wireless. Tangles? Not in this gamer's dictionary.

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5. Zebronics Jet Premium Wired (INR 699, 3.9/5 stars)

Pocket-Friendly Audio Punch: Don't let the price fool you! These wired headphones pack a surprising punch for their low cost. Great for budget gamers who want an upgrade without burning a hole in their pockets. Affordable excellence – who needs a platinum headset when you've got this gem?


6. Ant Esports H520W (INR 799, 3.8/5 stars)

World of Warships Edition: Dive into the action like a true admiral! These officially licensed headphones immerse you in the sounds of naval combat with booming bass and clear mids. Perfect for sailing into victory with a classy built and sturdy design by Ant Esports!

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7. Zebronics Jet PRO Wired (INR 699, 3.9/5 stars)

Lightweight Legend: Conquer long gaming sessions without fatigue! These on-ear headphones are super light and comfy, so you can focus on dominating, not your headset. Budget-friendly comfort for marathon gamers. The Zebronics Jet PROs are the champions of comfort, with their feather-light design and plush ear cups. Focus on mastering your skills, not adjusting your headset. 

Now, grab your headset, boot up your game, and get ready to dominate the leaderboard with the power of sound! Which audio weapon will you wield in battle?

Tell us in the comments!

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